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    Non-NFPA cylinder.

  • Instrumented Air Cylinders

    Our iNSiGHT Series uses the latest QVLA® technology.

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  • K series

    NFPA Cylinders

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NFPA Cylinders
NFPA Cylinders made to last, Motion Controls LLC proudly makes all products in the USA.  Click "View Series" to learn more.
Non-NFPA Cylinders
D-Series can help you save money with fewer parts to build & stock with different combinations of rod and bore sizes compared to a NFPA cylinder.
Electronic Sensing
The iNSiGHT Series uses our patented QVLA® sensing technology and is compatible with NFPA cylinders.
Fiber Optic connection with an M6 SS termination of Fiber Optic for fluids.
RGB sensor for Raman Spectroscopy
Raman Spectroscopy. Detect hard/soft water, oil purity, and/or fluid contaminants in real-time in the field.  Complete software included.

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Motion Control News

Check out this article from Hydraulics & Pneumatics magazine.  QVLA® working inside a dirty stamping machine.
A special cylinder for the oil and gas industry uses QVLA® to instrument finger latch or finger board cylinders on oil rigs.  This cylinder with a composite tube,...

Proudly Made in the USA

Motion Controls LLC has delivered 40 years of budget efficient designs, with all products proudly made in the USA.


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QVLA® Sensors

QVLA® is a new cylinder series bringing new rod extension technology, for precise, repeatable and long lasting measurement based on the measurement of light.  


The new technology has been featured in Hydraulics and Pneumatics, World Industrial Reporter, Engineering TV, Machine Design, and more.


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